Localzz – Our Vision…Our Why…Our Market… Our Today…Our Future…

Localzz is the Local Information, Directory, and Listing Network.

Our company is known as Localzz, Localzz Media, and Northland Advertising LLC

We own and operate a digital network of 1500+ branded sites providing local information, directories for local information, and sites for local information listings. An owned and operated digital branded network for local information distribution.

The Localzz network has been 10 years in the making by carefully and creatively choosing domains and brands for specialty information. Designed and built for information diversification and growth.

Localzz is a Local Publisher Network and Global Publisher Network

Our flagship properties contain the registered Localzz brand (Localzz.com, LocalzzStart.com,  LcoalzzHQ.com, LocalzzToday.com LocalzzDaily.com, and more)

With our own network of over 1500+ dotcoms we have incredible competitive advantage, diversification, and opportunities for growth.

We are building the Localzz from the ground up. Individual directories part of the larger Localzz network to a future centrally managed cloud portal for local data information management.

These 1500+ specialty and branded sites are networked together and working together to create a local information ecosystem. The Localzz Network of sites works together to cross promote other digital properties within our entire branded network.

Our Vision…

To be the one-stop national to local and local to national network for local information

To be the daily one-stop network for local information

To be the consumers network for most local information

To be the business-to-business network for business-to-business information

To provide affordable digital advertising and marketing through our owned directory network

To provide hundreds if not thousands of digital listing options for advertising, marketing, and promotion

To create a simple to navigate information network

Our Why…

You want local information and we are creating the digital branded network for it.

Our passion is to help others promote their local information

Local information is fragmented, we are bring local information into one network

Our Market…

The market is anyone seeking local information.

Our Today…

We have registered, acquired, and started to build out our digital portfolio of 1500+ digital vertical directories.

We are building brand awareness of Localzz and other digital properties

We are building our social media presence

We have 10+ directories with hundreds more on the way for self-placed listings ranging from free to $49 annually

We are standardizing and upgrading our current network of 1500+ digital properties

Our Future…

1500+ sites providing local information, directories, and listings.

One API connecting our individual directories to central managed database or engine

One cloud based user-platform to manage individual directory information

We plan on having hundreds of directories available for self-placed, self-serve, or assisted placed listings

Our plans are to provide a variety of digital advertising, marketing, and promotional services

Our plans are to create daily, weekly, and monthly local information feed sites for information placement

Our plans are to create a local cloud data platform or user portal for multi-site information management

Our plans are to create an API that will connect hundreds of our directories to a local data engine or user interface

The future holds an incredible amount of detailed information that will be able to provided a business or organization

Our plans are to create a national to local and local to national content engine or platform to supply our digital properties with specialty content information

The future is the Localzz Information Network

Some example of the Localzz Network:
















Localzz is the…

The Local Information Network™ – TheLocalInformationNetwork.com

Local Information Network™ – LocalInformationNetwork.com

The Local Directory Network™ – TheLocalDirectoryNetwork.com

The Local Listing Network™ – TheLocalListingNetwork.com

Local Listing Network™ – LocalListingNetwork.com

The Local Advertising Network™ – TheLocalAdvertisingNetwork.com

The Local Business Network™ – TheLocalBusinessNetwork.com

The Local Marketing Network™ – TheLocalMarketingNetwork.com

The Local Technology Network™ – TheLocalTechnologyNetwork.com